Why SEO is So Important for Businesses During the Pandemic:

1. SEO Takes Time  We get 86% of our clients on page 1 in 6 months • If you start SEO now – you will be positioning your business for success in the future • If you cancel SEO, your ranking will start dropping and you will lose your organic positioning to competitors

2. Stay in the Game—Don’t Let Competitors Beat You • If you drop the ball, your competition can pick it up and run with it • With so many competitors stepping out of the arena, use this time to grow your business and position it strongly when the market stabilizes • Competitors who stay strong during this time have the perfect opportunity to outrank you if you cancel SEO

3. Canceling Will Hurt Your Rankings • Keywords will start dropping when you stop working on SEO • Within six months, your keywords could be off the first page of search results entirely • If you stop SEO marketing now, you could negatively impact the ability for your business to rank and connect with customers in a few months’ time. Look ahead and see where you want your business to be in the future

4. Consumer Behavior Has Not Stopped In fact, with people staying home due to this pandemic, more people are spending their time online! Make sure they find you! • Organic inbound SEO leads convert 8x higher than outbound leads • Moving up one spot in the Google Search results can improve a site’s CTR by up to 30.8% • 81% of people research online before buying

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